Fleur de Marie 2


10 climate-oriented design rules are applied to guarantee a good climate in the houses , making airco a unnessecary luxury. The design of the houses literally elaborates upon some themes of the existing traditional buildings of Fleur de Marie, a neighboorhood that dates back to the  early years of the refinery on the island. A  traditional balloon frame construction of wooden slats with wooden planks is  to be used for both exterior walls and the innerwalls.  Also the traditional plan has been a starting point for the new plan. Small opening on the wind side in combination with large openings, or a fully ventilated facade, on the other side guarantee a constant but very pleasant breeze in the house. This ventilated facade along the porche can be made out of  the  very popular fences as claustras .These walls act as a sort of second skin for the home that opens up competely towards the porche enabling a very comfortable tropical livestyle.

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