Smoking Heart

Film about the urbanism of Curacao. In a continuing series of publications in recent years, Carel Weeber pointed to the construction of freedom of the citizen who does not should be subordinated to the tastes of the state. Contrary to usual, he wanted the money from the Maaskant Prize not spend a publication, but for a movie.  The film was made in Curaçao, the island which Carel Weeber in 2005 after fifty years in the Netherlands have lived and worked again returned.
A search on the island 
With Jord den Hollander as a director in the film made an island tour, a search for examples of that building freedom and the objective townscape. With Weeber and entertaining narrator, the film is an instructive and at times hilarious look at building a culture in the Western world no longer at issue. “We are not accustomed to accept messiness, but if you are driving around for a while you’ll see it no more. You discover a new order.”

The title Smoking Heart
The title refers Smoking Heart of the film to the huge refinery in the heart of the island around Schottegat.  A complex social and economic life of the island about one hundred years and dominates a curious scourge in urban development of Willemstad. If a road movie in the movie in an associative way, the most amazing locations on the island together. So the trio discovers that a former slave village, the suburb was invented and found they wanted to live in a cemetery. Smoking Heart is an entertaining ode to freedom and individual expression.

Director: Jord den Hollander 
Length: 25 minutes

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